What is Food-IDTM?

Each and every one of us is UNIQUE, this is not a slogan, it’s reality. Even identical tweens with identical genes are marching in different paths of life affecting their gut microbiome, body composition, immune system, gene activation and more.

Our nutritional needs are affected by our Medical condition as well as our Personal choices and Lifestyle. In order to generate your Complete Personalized Nutrition profile, we need to analyze your:

Health & Medical Condition
  • Disease
  • Medications
  • Biomarkers (lab tests)
  • Food allergies
  • Food intolerance
  • Family history
  • Body composition
  • Gut Microbiome
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Metabolome
Your Preferences
  • Life style & Ethics
  • Religious restrictions
  • Ethnic culinary customs
  • Physical activity
  • Taste & preference

Each and every one of these parameters has different impact on your Nutritional needs, some have major impact, some minor and some conflict. Even the best Dietitian or Physician cannot handle the vast amount of data necessary to generate recommendations that encompass all these parameters.

Food-ID is your Nutritional Recommendation combining the knowhow of your Dietitian with the output of an Expert System that analyses all the different parameters, their interactions and impact.

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Your Dietary recommendations include:


A unique set of Nutritional recommendations detailing which Nutrients and Dietary-Supplements to Prefer, Limit or Avoid.


Reference Daily Intake is the daily intake level of a nutrient that is considered to be sufficient to meet your daily needs.

Dietary guidelines

Explaining and emphasizing specific issues in your diet.


Application that transform the Food-ID to a list of food products meeting your nutritional recommendations. Each food product is color rated indicating the contribution of the product to your health enabling you to easily build your weekly grocery list.

Difference between Food-ID and other "Personalized Nutrition" solutions

There are many applications and solutions claiming to provide you with personalized nutrition.

  • The majority of them use only basic inputs regarding your lifestyle, primary illness or allergy to generate food recommendations. The few that are professional are suitable for healthy people or people suffering from 1-2 medical restrictions with no need for medications.

  • There are few solutions that provide you with testing kits for Genetic analysis (Nutrigenomics) and recommend food products based on your Genotype (genetic profile). Some of these solutions are categorized as “Precision Nutrition”, but as explained above, they do not take into account all your medical parameters (Phenotype) and the Genotype-Phenotype interactions and conflicts.

  • Recently several solutions test your gut microbiome and combined with your lab tests, Illnesses and preferences provide you food recommendations dedicated to stabilize your blood sugar levels. These solution are suitable for people suffering from Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes Type-2, but unfortunately most people suffering from these illnesses suffer from other chronic conditions as well as take several medications. Those inputs are not considered when they generate their food recommendations.

ONLY MetaboList integrates and analyses ALL your medical conditions, and using medically proven, evidence based research, provide you with a Complete Nutritional Recommendations.

Use Case

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You are UNIQUE,
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