Next Generation
Clinical Nutrition

Based only on scientific proven, evidence based data

“60% of adults have a chronic condition and over 40% have Multi-Chronic-Conditions (MCCs)”

The state of the US health (Jama 2018, American Medical Association)

“Dietary risks are leading cause for chronic conditions”

Multiple Chronic Conditions in the US (Rand Corp. 2017)

MetaboList analyses your COMPLETE medical profile and generates your personalized Food-ID™ & rated food list.

Johanna Hale, 31


“At last I know what to eat, what to avoid, and I also understand why?”
Joshua Barnett, 43


“Nothing compares to having a personalized Food-ID when visiting a restaurant, menu selection is much easier”
Ruby Fox, 57


“This is the end of grocery shopping uncertainty, I have a personalized list optimized to my needs.”

The company helps you make the right food shopping choices. The first step in improving your health & quality of life.