Our Team

MetaboList has brought together a multifaceted team of experts in Nutritional healthcare, Pharmacology, Decision support, Diagnostic, Machine learning, Data science, Patient engagement and food production technologies.

MetaboList expert platform and algorithms are based on 5 years hospital’s outpatient clinical research, hundreds of high quality peer reviewed medical publications and credentialed medical professionals, data scientists and developers relying on their clinical and technological expertise.

Dr. Ilana Dariel, Ph.D. R.D.

Found & CSO

  • 25 years of clinical experience in treatment of Food Allergy & Intolerance.

  • Ph.D.: Crohn disease and Food Intolerance research in the Hebrew Univ. and Gastroenterology department in Beilinson Hospital.

  • Lecturer on Food allergy & Intolerance, for graduate students in School of Nutritional Sciences, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem

Aviva Shemesh, (M.Sc.) R.D.

Clinical group manager

  • 25 years of clinical and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) experience, working in surgical, geriatric and internal medicine departments in Hospitals and Health service providers.

  • Responsible for all TPN treatment in Maccabi Health Services.

  • Lecturer for graduate students in School of Nutritional Sciences, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem

Tzadok Kima (B.Sc. & MBA) Pharmacology

Pharmaceutical content manager

  • Chief Pharmacist - Israeli police force.

  • Head of Preventive Occupational Health department - Israeli police force.

Yaron Gilboa (B.Sc. C.S.)


  • Chief system architect, manager & full stack programmer of Web-based software systems.

Eran Dariel (M.Sc. E.E)

Founder & CEO

  • Experienced executive manager in large corporates as well as CEO & co-founder of 2 start-ups in Cyber (acquired by M-Systems/SanDisk) and Visual-Search markets.

  • While serving as GM of ECI Telecom Optical Business Unit, tripled revenues from $120M to $360M with 15% operating profit over a 10 quarters period.

  • Previously served as VP Business Development & Marketing and VP System architecture & Technology.